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Journey to being a Small Business Owner- The Beginning

There has always been a quiet voice in my head, a dream that I could have a business of my own. This for one reason or another has just seemed silly or impractical. I was in school and graduated college with my nursing degree. Ten years after being a nurse or maybe some sort of mid life/ I’m turning 30 soon thing kicked in and the voice grew louder. 

I started with the idea of having a retail store. But I am a full time nurse; I didn’t want to leave my current career to start something from scratch. I also knew I didn’t want to be confined to one certain space. That’s when the idea of starting an online company was born.

And in comes the Negative self talk…

I am just a girl with a full time job, a husband, and two children. I don’t have time for a company.

I live in Wyoming. How would I ever reach people all over the nation to expand my idea, products, or brand?

I don’t know anything about opening a company.

I am shy. I don’t like to sell things.

I can’t write. How do I expect to have a website or a blog? (To the English majors out there, I apologize for my punctuation. :) )

 I can’t put my ideas out to the world. What if people don’t like them? What if they are no good?

At some point I just decided to have faith in myself and pretty much stop listening to that part of my brain. I changed the self talk to more positive thoughts.

Why not?

 I’ll be more disappointed if I don’t try.

Why wouldn’t I want to share a high quality product with the world?

 Who says I can’t?

Others that have done it that are no smarter than me. They were people that actually went for it.

If I can figure out how to take care of critical care patients, I can figure this out.

 I had decided to put one foot in front of the other and keep going.  I made a decision to do one task a day that would help me to create this company. Slowly Little Luvies was starting to form. Now Little Luvies has 6 different swaddle blanket patterns. We are selling on our own website and on Amazon. We have received wonderful feedback on our products. I have allowed myself to dream big. I no longer think any idea is too silly. In the future we will be adding more products, patterns, photography, designer packaging, an improved website etc. but for now I will continue to build this company and brand one day at a time. Little Luvies the company is committed to creating, quality, functional products for Moms and babies. Products that I would gladly use in my own family and am proud to represent. Little Luvies the brand will be built around supporting and encouraging Moms of newborns and young children during the great journey of Motherhood.

Thanks in advance for you positive thoughts and support.

Big Hugs,

Trisha-Little Luvies